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Hello!,And Welcome to the Chopper Rod Shop home page....... My name is Kenny Baker,and I own and operate my shop in tiny Elmer Missouri[Pop.98]

I specialize in Chopping tops and HotRod chassis construction-Custom Metalwork of all kinds. Over the last 28 years I have chopped in excess of 600 tops on early cars -trucks -sedan- deliveries -station wagons and convertibles. I work on 1972 and earlier vehicles.

I have been involved in many Customer's cars construction over the years-some were total builds and some were just a single portion of their buildup.

I also make and sell "how to" instruction sets that show you in every detail how to do the chop top of your vehicle yourself. These are specific to your vehicle and include all the information you need to do the job. I am available for consultation until you are completely finished also!

I have been fortunate in that many of the cars I have worked on have been selected as winners at several shows and have been featured in magaines nationally.

I am available for you to ask me any questions at my shop ,located In North East Missouri at: 115 Missouri,Elmer Missouri,63538 Hours:Monday thru Friday-from 9 am to 4 PM email: