The Real Future of Hot Rodding -is in it's History......

Hello,And Welcome to "the Chopper"-RODSHOP- home page.......

My name is Kenny Baker,and I own and operate my Custom Auto shop in tiny,Elmer Missouri[Pop.60].

I have been in the HOTROD bussiness full time, here ,since 1976.

My specialty is Chopping tops. However,I also do: ~Hot Rod projects & fabrication. ~Complete chassis construction. ~Wiring. ~Air conditioning. ~Custom Metalwork of all kinds. ALSO CUSTOM BUILT FENDER STYLE ELECTRIC SOLIDBODY GUITARS!!!! ~Anything from TRADITIONAL HOT RODS to Phantom Built vehicles....

If you can Imagine it, I can probably build it! [REFERENCES PROVIDED ON REQUEST]


Over the last 34 years, I have chopped.... [I lose count!]...over 1000 tops on early cars -trucks -sedan- deliveries -station wagons and convertibles.

Sorry no late models,I work on 1966 and earlier vehicles EXCLUSIVELY.

I have been involved in many Customer's cars construction over the years, Some were total builds and some were just a single portion of their buildup. I have worked for customers from all over the US.

The average cost at my shop for chopping a top is: $2500.00 Yes thats right![References upon request]

That is....

Your Top chopped-

Completely welded-

interior garnish mouldings cut fitted,

welded and welds ground down

doors fitted-

aligned properly-

and preliminary rough-in bodywork done to the stage where final finish blocking begins.

Includes a Primer/Guide/coat for shipping protection.....

Of course, Some SPECIAL FEATURE /vehicle's chops run more, but you will find I am very reasonable in my pricing.

This may come off to some, as self serving ,but here is my OPINION...

My tops are noticeably better proportioned than some I see, so I wholeheartedly recommend getting a true professional,[whoever that may be]- to chop your top.

So please do not have someone who has done only a few tops [or none] the job- ASK TO SEE THEIR WORK PORTFOLIO. Think about don't want to pay someone to "learn how on yours" do you?

_____________________________________________________________________ Any other work that is performed ,is billed at $40.00 per hour.[Effective January 1 2011]

[Hell -this ain't Los Angeles,man!- I have low overhead!]

Turn-a-round time on a chopped top is on average 14 days.

_____________________________________________________________________ HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS: After 34 years of chopping tops I feel I have some insight into this lost art, that maybe not everyone may have. I have instruction sets for your car/your chop so that you can do it yourself, or with some help in some cases....

These are -TOTALLY- specific to your vehicle and include: ALL the information you need to do the job correctly . Tool list and products useage Helpful Tips I have learned, that I will share with you.

These only cost $200.00 [REFERENCES PROVIDED]=Free delivery] Hey-What's it worth to get it right the first time?

I hear that some folks sell this information in a video..... That sounds all right, but that seems a little like getting your G.E.D. in a one hour video....Being a High School Dropout I can relate to that.....BUT....

Come on now, we all know you can't, graduate from high school in -ONE HOUR......That my friend, is why I do these Instruction Sets.

They are all inclusive and [I] even follow you thru, till your top is completely finished![Thats a promise] Did you ever try to ....Ha!"call a video", if you missed one point of their instruction? ALSO DID YOU EVER SEE A CHOP VIDEO SPECIFICLY.. FOR YOUR VERY OWN CAR? What good is a Mercury video if you have Hudson Terraplane pickup?

SEE-that's what I mean here- a Video is a fine medium for Porn- but hey Kids- this is just a little more involved than that,Details and TIMEWISE!

This is your -special-car's chopped top.... and you need it done right.... the first time!

These are available online and can be purchased instantly with your credit card- Just GO TO WWW.PayPal.Com and register [if you do not already have an account there]-registering is -FREE- and easy! You can send your PayPal payment to me- at my username: Just list it as "services"-or "Goods" purchased.

Included in this offer=I am available for ANY consultation by phone email, until you are completely finished with your chop! References from many happy users provided! _____________________________________________________________________ A LITTLE ABOUT ME=HISTORY......

I have been very fortunate over the years ,in that several of the cars [and "how to" articles] I have worked on, have been selected as winners of shows/awards. Some have been featured in magazines,Books and TV shows such as Street Rodder TV. Some of my work has even been displayed at the Rod and Custom Hall of Fame in Afton Ok.... and NHRA museum,Pamona Calif......

MAGAZINES: My chopped top work on vehicles and in articles, has been featured in........


Classic Trucks.

Street Rodder.


Custom Rodder.

StreetRod Action.

HotRod Mechanix.

Speed and Chrome Illustrated.

Wizzz Magazine.

Street Rod Builder

HardBack BOOKS featuring my work:

Thom Taylors-"HotRod and Custom Chronicles" And-Pat Ganahl's- "The American Custom Car"

Remember-Feel free to call and talk to me=I am available, if you need help with your project, daily at my shop, located In North Central Missouri at:

KENNY BAKER "the Chopper"-Rod Shop 115 Missouri,Elmer Missouri,63538

I am an ALLIANCE VENDOR: H.A.M.B [Jalopy] [10% discount to Alliance members on any chopped top or my instruction sets]

Shop Hours:Monday thru Friday-from 9 am to 4 PM......... 660-825-4080 or[4572]eves. Cell # [1-660-341-9945] email:

Thanks for looking at my site and I look forward to helping you with your custom or project! "the Chopper" Kenny Baker.